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Словарь терминов - C

Cairns Group
Cargo Declaration
Categorization of WTO Member Countries
Certificate of Origin
Certified Forestry Products
Classification of Service Sectors
Clearance for Home Use
Code of Good Practice
Codex Alimentarius Commission
Commercial Diplomacy
Commercial Presenсе
Committee on Customs Valuation
Committee on Rules of Origin
Committee on Trade and Development
Committee on Trade and Environment
Common fund for Commodities
Communication Services
Compensatory Adjustment
Competition Policy
Construction Services
Consular Formalities
Consumption Abroad
Convention on Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System
Copyright and Related Rights
Cotton Initiative
Council for Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (Council for TRIPS)
Council for Trade in Goods
Council for Trade in Services
Countervailing Duty
Country of Origin
Coverage of binding Tariff
Cross-Border Supply of Services
Cumulative Rules of Origin
Current Access Commitments
Customs – Trade – Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TRAT)
Customs Broker
Customs Control
Customs Cooperation Council – CCC
Customs Duties
Customs Formalities
Customs formalities Prior to the Lodgment of the Goods Declaration
Customs Law
Customs Procedure
Customs Tariff
Customs Territory
Customs Transit
Customs Union
Customs Valuation
Customs Warehouse

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